The Truth That No One Else Tells You About Starting A Photography Business!


Today I woke up and on one of my social media sites I received a message from someone who is anonymous. The message read, “F#%#$ I’m jealous! You have a magazine and a school! You must be loaded!”

I get messages like these quite a bit and usually I just delete them but today I was a little irritated so I messaged back. I was as polite as I could be.  Still! Frustrating!

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts I talk about how I quite my job. That was only four and a half months ago. Yeah. I’m not rich. In fact, I’ll bet right now most of my students make more money than I do. I know for sure that a lot of my students have a nicer digital cameras.


I sat and thought about why someone would write this to me.

1st-Maybe they don’t know I started up again 4 months ago. That’s a good possibility.

2nd- They have a misconception of how a business begins.  I see this a lot and so I am going to tell you a few things that may help you if you want to being a photography business, or any business.

I think, because of Youtube videos, Marketing companies and individuals who sell the idea that you can “Get rich quick” a fair amount of people fall into this psychological trap and think that if you start a business you life will change overnight. They are right! Your life will change overnight! You will probably go from doing o.k to being poor.


When I had a steady check it was nice. It was comfortable, to an extent. I also had a boss who was dishonest and I had no control over my life. I worked over 15 hours a day and I would come home feeling worn out and tired. I also knew that my pay would never go up much. If I stayed there I would make the same in a year and probably two years.

So I quit. I walked out and held up my middle finger on the way out.

At the time I had 50 dollars.

My last employer didn’t pay me for the last week and a half of work because that was how the contract worked so I was on my own.

Instead of working 15 hours I started working 18 to 20 a day.

The first month I made 50 dollars. luckily over the few last months before I had quit my job I paid for most things in cash and I took all the change and put it in a huge jar. I used that money for food and gas.

Hey. Sorry lady at the gas station who had to count out 25 dollars worth of quarters that one time.

It’s 4 and a half months later and I do o.k now. I’m getting caught up. It will take some time before I am making the money I want to make. I don’t regret my decision. Salt-lake-city-photography-school-50

The best things are: I don’t have a limit on the amount money I can make. I really could make a few million if I work hard. It will take a while and actually I plan on making a few million.


I work just as much or more,  but I’m not tired at the end of the day. I assume it’s because I am doing what I want to do and what I love. When you do what you’re passionate about you feel energized!

But I want to tell you a something I learned.

We as humans have a tendency to think things will happen faster than they do. When you start to realize this you stop giving your friends and family time lines. If you make a promise to pay someone you borrowed money from back and you don’t, they lose trust in you. The thing is that it’s not that you’re not trustful person, it’s that you didn’t understand the reality of growing a business.

I know this problem personally and this is why I stopped giving people timelines. I can’t anymore. I don’t like the feeling of letting people down. I would rather not guess at the future and be realistic.

So! at the end of the day what really matters?

In a business, at the end of the day, one thing matters. Results.

If you don’t get good results you are doing something wrong.

Luckily I get good results! In fact I get better results than I expect, but still, a business can only grow so fast.

Here is the thing you really have to think about.

If you are going to start a photography business you have to know the timeline.

These are general guidelines for starting photography businesses:

If you are starting a Wedding photography business plan on two years before you can quite your job.

If you are starting a portrait photography business plan on  one to two years before you can quite your job.

If you are starting a Fashion photography business plan on 4 to 5 years before you can quite your job.

If you are starting a Editorial photography business plan eating cardboard for the rest of your life.  I’m joking but this one is hard.

If you are starting a headshot photography business plan on 3 to 6 months  before you can quite your job. Why do I say this? This is a type of photography market that is needed and is under-saturated.


If you think you are going to quite your job tomorrow and in a month replace a good paying job you might have been listening to too many get rich schemes. The truth is people that get rich work hard. They work long hours and most of the time they spend those hours trying to solve problems for you. They spend their time thinking about what you want and how to make your life easier. Then one day they wake up a few years later and they have good chunk of money and they can relax but they didn’t get there by being selfish or greedy or in some get rich scheme… and if they did, they will probably lose it anyhow. Look at the people who win the lottery. So stop listening to the crap out there. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. If you get a feeling in your gut that something is rip off it probably is and know one thing for sure! Heinz was right! Good things take time!


Keep you’re head up and enjoy the day! It’s a beauty! Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.

IMG_1792Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. Check it out! You should buy a copy, if you over 18.

I want to say thank you to my friend Lang for this photo of me. 🙂 

I like to write. I like to play guitar. I offer photo sessions and I also teach personal photography lessons.  

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