Marketing Workshop-April 30th 2017


How to grow and make money with your Business

Marketing workshop

April 30th 2017


I think one of the things I hate most is seeing others fail when I know all they need is a little more information and to do a few things.



I used to stress and get upset and I couldn’t figure out why no one wanted to pay me for my photography. I would sit in my studio and work for hours and set up shoots and barely get by. I almost starved.

Do you ever feel like I used to?




slc_photographer-11It took me a long time to figure out that growing a business is not rocket science. It’s really simple. I’ll tell something that I figured out that really helped.


Create something of Value to others and offer it to them and receive money.



Most of the time photographers, and other business owners forget one part of this equation.

Think about this.

If you create an image and it sells online for 10 dollars and you offered it to 10 people you did quite well. What if you offered it to 1 million people? What if only 1 out of 1000 bought the image? What if you had 100 images for sale online?  If you don’t think this is possible you might be suffering from som14432482164_8e446f8afe_oe kinds of food poisoning. Please go to the ER.

I have a little black notebook. In it I have 10 actions written down. When I do these 10 actions my business grows and I make money. Guess what happens when I don’t?

These 1o steps take me about 1 hour if I work efficiently. If you had 10 steps that took an hour a day and grew your business so that you could make money what would that feel like? What would you do with the money?




14327735403_746316e813_oWhat you do with an extra 20 dollars a day? That’s around 600 dollars extra a month.

What you do with an extra 50 dollars a day? That’s around 1500 dollars extra a month.

What would you do with an extra 200 dollars a month? That’s around 6,000 dollars extra a month.

What would you do with an extra 500 dollars a month?

A Gold nugget for you: Photography and running a business are two different things.

The first rule of change is understand. The second rule is to change.


I hate seeing photographers fail. I hate seeing them give up. I hate seeing them find other jobs.

I’ll give you another gold nugget: Marketing- It’s not a secret. It’s not hard, and it’s actually fun!


If you could change a few things in your daily routine, that took about an hour a day, and a year from now you could replace the income from your full-time job would you change?

If want to know how enroll in this workshop.

The information I give you in this workshop is worth so much more and if you’re wondering why I setting the price at $150 it’s because I want you to succeed. I’m worn out of seeing people fail and give up on their dreams.

I hope you join.





You will learn:

How to grow you Instagram account fast.

How to find targeted traffic

How to start and grow a Tumblr

How to grow Pinterest

How to start a blog

How to grow a mailing list

How to create a sales funnel.

You can always hire someone else to do this for you. I looked into it once. It will cost you a few thousand dollars and then ongoing fees.

I thought about hiring someone else but I like to know these things. I like to know that things are done right and I like to save money. When you know these things you have a specific knowledge that makes you feel wonderful. It’s security. It’s knowing if something bad happens and everything is gone tomorrow you can start from scratch and in a few months to a year be back.

Please look at my Vega Instgram account. Right now I am grow with at least 100+ followers a day.

I started my magazine in January. I made $50 dollars. In February I made $150. This month, March I will make close to $350. I think that’s pretty great. What do you think?

This workshop is limited to 9 people.
The cost is 150 dollars.
The first 9 to enroll get in.

To enroll, email me  or Direct message me in Instagram and of course, pay.

I teach in Murray. I will send you the address when you enroll.

Please bring something to take notes on, a pen or pencil and laptop is possible!

Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate it! Visit my IG to see more of my work. I also sell art on Artfinder.

If you are a beginner photographer or you know someone who is click here to check out my 4 week Basic photography class. It’s a fun call full of learning!


slc_photographer-3Ikon Republik- I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah.

I am the founder of VEGA Magazine. I like to write. I like to play guitar. Most of the time my life is pretty awesome. I offer photo sessions and I teach personal photography lessons. Please message me for a price list. Heads up! I have 5  more than 50%  off sessions to offer in March.If you are one of the first you might get a session for $200.  I have two workshops that you can join right now! 

Message me!

Please give me at least 1 days to respond.🙂

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